Island Resort & Spa

“Katafanga” (pronounced cat’-a-fun-ga) is a Tongan word
that means smiling beach. It was a safe haven from storms for
Polynesian sailors over the
centuries. Katafanga Island Resort & Spa
is the only resort in the largely
uninhabited and pristine Lau group,
offering our privileged visitors with an
image of Polynesian life 100s of
years ago. And it still provides a safe and luxurious haven from
the storms of everyday life…

The 225-acre private island is a former 19th Century
operating coconut plantation surrounded by a 5000-acre
lagoon, located in the Eastern Lau
Group. A coral reef surrounds
the entire island, offering protection from
extreme tides and providing
the island with calm tranquil waters ideally suited for water sports. The
crystal clear water has up to 200-foot visibility and is a
80 degrees Fahrenheit most of the year.

Katafanga Island is 1 mile long by 1/3 mile wide and
150 feet high, with
numerous caves and tide pools to explore.
It is home to rare coconut crabs, giant clams, leather back turtles,
doves, and many other birds and marine
mammals. The island has
instituted a strict conservation program to ensure the
preservation of
all marine and wild life. Guests will marvel at the pristine
while indulging themselves at a luxurious five star resort.